The houseboat "HippoCampus" might be ideal choise for the individual or group tours up to 10 persons for various kind of parties with the families or friends, small cooperative events, fun trips with the business partners or clients, simple excursion or romantic trips, same as for more extreme activities like  snorkeling or stand up paddling. For more extreme offers we have a equipment suitable for such activities. On whole we have two main options for your time with us. One of them is a sightseeing trip by the River of Venta and You will have a unique opportunity to look at the port of Ventspils from the boat's deck, as well as to enjoy the sun, water, fresh air and beautiful river views. The boat will leave from Main pier on the crossroads of Tirgus and Ostas streets or from the Ventspils Yacht Port and will  pass by a river as far as You like for one, two, three or more hours. Tours depend on your wishes and free time for such event. The length of the trip can be agreed with the Captain. Another offer are sea passages  along the sea coast northwards to the cliff near Staldzene or along the Main beach southward to Liepaja direction. During these trips You can see unspoiled and wild coast line from sea side, as well as enjoy romantic sunsets or sunrises on sea. The route might be decided by the Captain after considering visitor wishes, actual weather conditions and weather forecasts for area of sailing. Also arrangement of the longer journey by sea to the Kolka lighthouse, small fisherman village Pavilosta or to the Estonian islands Ruhnu or Saaremaa are possible but these are trips for at least 2 - 3 days in good weather conditions and must by planned individually together with the Captain timely to take in consideration the weather forecasts and real situation at sea. Just for Your information - such sea trips might be cancelled or changed to river trip by the Captain shortly before planned journey due to unexpected changes of  weather condition. Sorry for such inconvenience but as You can understand - Your SAFETY is always a priority to us! Longer overnight trips are available maximum for 8  persons due to limited sleeping places. Rest assured - we are always open to find the best solution for your holiday with us!   

IK HippoCampus DB * +371 27128850 * * Address: 53-3 Berzu Street, Ventspils, Latvia, LV3601 *