The houseboat "HippoCampus" is suitable for recreational sailing on rivers, lakes and coastal sea waters. The present model of "Sun Camper 30" has been designed by experienced "Centkowski & Denert Design Studio" from Gdansk, and manufactured by "Balt - Yacht" in Augustow, Poland.
Present boat "HippoCampus" (ex-name "Lucia")  was delivered on August 17, 2015, but on April 24, 2017 was bought by company "IK HippoCampus DB".
Compared to other houseboats, the Sun Camper 30 distinctive features include an interesting silhouette, perfect interior design and an effective propulsion. The boat's original solutions, functionality and nautical properties have been recognized and she won "2010 Yacht of the Year" award in Poland.
Length of the boat is 10 meters, the beam - slightly less than 3 m. A flat-bottomed hull with three longitudinal keels to protect the bottom has 0,5 m of draught.
Another distinctive feature is excellent lighting inside the boat and visibility in all directions through huge windows and sliding door aft. When the aft sliding door is opened, the wheelhouse merges with a comfortable cockpit creating one large space. The cockpit is covered by sliding roof which protects against rain and sunlight. When it is not needed, the roof can be pushed towards the bow, uncovering the whole cockpit. When the weather is bad, the roof can be converted into a tent above the whole cockpit.
The boat features good stability of the flat-bottomed hull and maneuverability achieved due to double combined rudders in the stern and a bow thruster.
In the front we have a cabin with sliding door where 2-3 people can sleep comfortably. Behind the helmsman's stand is the kitchen module with a 2-burner gas cooker, sink, fridge, coffee machine and tabletop. To the left of the wheelhouse is a comfortable dinette for 4 people, with lowered table, and farther towards the stern a spacious bathroom equipped with a large washbasin with a mirror, sea-type toilet with wastewater tank. Behind the bathroom is a sliding door to the cockpit. Four or five people can comfortably sleep in the front and aft cabins, and when the dinette table is lowered there is an additional sleeping space for two. In the aft cabin we have specially equipped playing or rest room for kids. Now, through a wide door at back of the wheelhouse we go to a comfortable cockpit with a picnic table and sitting places for 8 people. If it is necessary 2 additional portable seats are available. On the right-hand side of the cockpit is a ladder leading to the wheelhouse roof where there is a place to sit or sunbathe. The side lifelines ensure safety of the people on the roof.
The houseboat is a displacement vessel sailing at economical speed up to 12 km/h operated by 30 hp "Yanmar" engine. Fuel stock is enough for about 12 hours non-stop running of engine.
The Sun camper 30 is an excellent vessel for recreational sailing with 10 people on board for daily cruises, ensuring safety and comfort.
The boat is equipped with the all required safety equipment according the requirements of the Latvian Maritime Administration for inland and inshore sailing area (Category C)  for the weather conditions with a wind force 6 beaufort scale and significant wave height up to 2 metres.
Most recent Maritime Safety inspection done on June 17, 2019 and the "Recreational Craft Trade certificate" issued accordingly for a commercial sailing. Next maritime safety inspection should be done before May 2021.

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